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About blooming time too!

It's about time I updated this bastarrrrd thing and it's about time I hurried up and finished for the year...
oh wait, I have!

Pretty confident I've passed everything TOBEHONEST. Not trying to be cocky. Just saying. I worked my butt off on a lot of my music work and tried my best on the rest.

This summer has no reason not to be good.

I had a bit of a moment earlier on in the week and today.
While sitting through my nearest and dearests' recitals on Monday morning/afternoon, I realised (I knew already, but this was just, like, the kick up the bum that made me go WOW!) how talented my pair of crazies are and how much I'd miss them if they suddenly vanished.
So yeah. No disappearing you two!!!!
Today was a similar kinda thing. I walking home after spending the afternoon with the second crazy (or the first?) listening to a bit of
Frank Turner...

The beardy one that is Mr.Turner finally released his new album, England keep My Bones, on Monday, and the kind people at Amazon kindly delievered (they're very kind!) my pre-ordered deluxe edition on the release day that was Monday.
Cut the waffle.
It is amazing.
Im not just saying that because like most female (and male) fans see him as a bit of a babe.
It is generally an amazing album.
It's got songs from every angle - from band focussed songs to just Frank+Guitar songs, from heavyish rock songs to a bit of floaty accapella, from uplifting happy songs to reflective songs to sad songs to I-just-cant-go-on songs.
All the while there's a strong sense of British-ness... but not in the pompus way!
As always old Frankie boy has beautifully poetic and meaningful lyrics that you just HAVE to listen to aswell as some moving music.
(He's a clever dicky!)
But yeah. I love it. You will too. SO BUY IT!!
(He;s no.6 - getting popular is he!!!)

This guy genuinely deserves it... im not the stalkerish fan some people think I may be... but he's such a genuine guy, and he deserves all the success he can get.

As I was saying, I was walking home listening to a bit of FT, and the sun decided to shine, and I felt happy because of all the happy-sun-chemicals-flaoting-about (WHUT?) and I felt very content in life.
I have BABES for friends, a lovely geezer to fall asleep on at night, and I'm quite looking forward to going home and seeing the family.

A lot has happened since the last blog... If I remember rightly.
I got my music gear eventually - the stand is SHIT.
Lots of music LOL-age has occurred.
My Picture A Day project crashed and burned. Mybad! :(
My sims3 addiction turned to a Sims Medieval addiction...!! NEEDMORENEEDMORE.
Me and the lover are going strong -> 6 months awhile ago (eeeep) 8 months tomorrow! (double eeep!)
Last month saw us meeting the previously mentioned Mr.Turner (I promise I'll stop mentioning him soon enough!) which was... amazing tobehonest. Gig in Notts was... amazing. (The one where I spent £75 on two tickets, 'member?) We were right at the front. Was just... ARRRRHHH!!! :D :D :D
So yeah. That was good. Money well spent if I do say so myself. (Y) (Even if the bouncer was a COCK!)
I had an amusing moment where I got drunk and sang some funny songs, but that's a story best left unmentioned.
Other than exams and stress and more exams.
That will be all folks.

p.s Summer play list coming soon ;)




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