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mily_m_smegg's Journal

28 February
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I'm 'Mily (...Mils, Miles, M, SmeGg)
I live in a town that's not worth mentioning.
I'm a shy one. But you wouldn't guess.
I'm secretly a dreamer at heart.
I [heart] my piano.
I [heart] the guy in my life just a little more though.
I have a varied music taste.
I like my music loud.
I have enough hats and scalves to clothe Africa.
I get accused of being posh... I will admit I SOUND posh. Sometimes.
I like to read. Don't diss.
I like to take photos.
I could empty out Tesco of Cow-Bicuits and Milky Way Stars. They're the best.
I am dependant on my socks telling me what day of the week it is.
I've been skrewed since I lost my days of the week socks.
I don't like wearing shoes.
I like wearing my PJ's.
I am a human oxymoron.
I love Autumn days. It gives me and excuse to wear wellies and scuff my shoes while kicking my way through the leaves.
I love summer time and all the memories that come with it.
I value a good conversation that can last forever...
I I I I I I I...

Let's just talk about what holds no relevance!
"everybody go 'ummm!' ", "fishy... nipple!", "lies... pure lies.", "stop tugging onmy inflatables!", "there's been a murrrder!", "ugun stagan flee flea", accents, army guys, autumn leaves, bed hair, bed time, bedtime cuddles, being posh, bikes, bitchygirls and bastardboys, booksbooksbooks, buttons, cd's, chance, children's films, chocolate buttons, cider, cow biscuits, cuddles, dedipus, disney, div, doingthing'si'llsoonregret, drunken laughs, drunken texts, easy?, elaccy band balls, facebook, falling over, fallinginlovewaytooeasily, flowers, funny friends, getting lost, getting stage fright, giant hippo moles, giggles, gigs, going to the zoo, goodmorning and goodnight texts, green apples, haha, hollyoaks adverts, i wish, jelly babies, jeremy kyle, kissing in the rain, kung-fu panda, lack of innocence, late nights, laughing, lesbian?, letters, llamas, love bucket, lying in the rain, makingitup aswego along, meercats, memories, moaning, monday morning faces, mood swings, moonly, mp3 player, msn, musicmusicmusic, nights out, not answering the phone, not remembering yesterday, old people, old people falling over, perving, pervs, piano, pillows, pirates, post, posters, radiators, rain, reading, rolling down hills, salespeople sayingfuck downthe phone, sayingfuck at sales people, sayingthingsiknowi'llregret, scalves, sheep, shouting too loud, shrek, silly photos, sitting under the stars, smelly boys, snowmen, stalking, staying up too late, summer time, summersunshine inthe wrong season, the good old days, things i don't understand, thinking too much, tire swing, trifle, turtles, underwear, vw beetle, wakingup inyesterdays jeans, walkingroundtownincircles, wasting money, wasting time, weird looks, wishingmylife wasa fairy-tale, wooly hats